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Links to Other Sites

Links to Other Sites Relating to Extrasolar Planet Detection

ASP Arizona Search for Planets - A ground-based photometric search for giant planets

Astrobiology at NASA Ames Research Center

Astrobiology Web: Resources on many aspects of planetary searches and life in the Universe.

Astronomy Picture of the Day.

COROT: A French photometry mission for stellar seismology and planet detection

Cosmo Brain A really good collection of astronomical links

Eddington a proposed ESA mission for 2008+ with comparable collecting area to Kepler, but with only 1/15 the field of view.

Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia: The most comprehensive list on the subject at the Observatoire de Paris.

The Extrasolar Planetary Foundation: Has a Drake equation calculator

HARPS - High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher

Independent Kepler web site by Margus Hõim

Kepler Spanish Language site - Versión en Español by Emilio Gonzalez

MONS Measuring Oscillations in Nearby Stars.
A Danish space mission to be launched in 2003 to study stellar oscillations, but also capable of doing some transit photometry

MOST Microvariability and Oscillations in STars
A Canadian microsat that uses photometry to measure stellar seismology. Launched 30 June 2003 !!!

NASA Astrobiology Institute at NASA Ames Research Center

Open Exoplanet Catalog has excellent tools for making histograms and plots of exoplanet parameters.

Other 'Solar' Systems: by Bill Arnett

Other Worlds, Distant Suns by Darren Garber

PlanetQuest An overview of exoplanet search programs at JPL

The Planetary Society: Hot Topics

SETI" Includes the Project Phoenix search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Very extensive archive list of news stories on extrasolar planet

STARE Stellar Astrophysics & Research on Exoplanets at High Altitude Observatory by Tim Brown

TEP A search for transits of the eclipsing binary CM Dra

University of California Planet Search Project The work of Geoff Marcy, Paul Butler, Steve Vogt, Debra Fischer and Chris McCarthy who have detected most of the known extra-solar planets.

Vulcan Camera A ground based photometric search for short period transiting giant planets by William Borucki