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Computer Interactives
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Kepler Explorer is an app that provides interactive displays of newly discovered planetary systems from Kepler data. Available free from the iTunes App Store for iPads and iPhones. See UC Santa Cruz press release and article.
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Planet Families:
Build-a-Solar System
Interactive webpage

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Science Learning
Activation Lab

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How Kepler finds planets
This animation requires the Flash plugin.

Finding Exoplanets (A Simulation)
This is a web-based version of a portion of the original Kepler Hyperstudio interactive simulator from which the Kepler Transit Hunt was derived. Includes a classroom activity plan.

There is also a astro101_exoplanets.pdf (PDF, 154 KB) by Philip Blanco, of Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA, a Lab Exercise based on the above online simulation.

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Flash interactive simulation of Kepler mission.

Kepler Exoplanet Transit Hunt
Explore a simulated star field, record data, make measurements and do calculations to discover new planets.

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PlanetQuest: Exoplanet Exploration - an overview of NASA's exoplanet search programs.

Extrasolar Planets -- STEM Software (Java Applets) at University of Colorado. A visualization of how astronomers fit model Doppler velocity curves to data representing actual extra-solar planetary systems. Also:
Planetary Transits simulator : The user can control planet size, orbital radius, and randomized error. [Description and lesson plan].
Simplified Planetary Transits: (simplified version).
[ Simplified version lesson plan]

Celestia -- an open source, real time and space simulation. Tour the solar system. As open source - objects can be added. Extrasolar systems could be added. Time element can be speeded up to observe planetary orbits, moons' orbits.

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An educational, interactive, multimedia Web environment.

Astro-Venture - Students in grades 5-8 role-play NASA occupations, as they search for and build a planet with the necessary characteristics for human habitation.